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  • READ THE TASK IN 1 AND PLAN YOUR ARTICLE. TAKE DOWN NOTES INTO THE CHART. Who will be you planning to come up with? First example of why he / she is funny? Second illustration of why he/she is funny?
  • Article Question: You’ve got been asked by the editor of your school magazine to create a write-up in the topic that is following. – Write your article when it comes to magazine (around 140-190 words). Today’s television „A load of old rubbish“ or „More choice than previously“? Is today’s television still the best value for money?

  • Writing a written report A group of students from Australiais coming in which to stay your town as part of an exchange programme. The director has asked you to definitely write a short report places that are suggesting group should visit and activities they could indulge in during their stay.
  • Report Question: Last year a fresh sport and leisure centre opened in your house town. You’ve got recently received listed here letter from the manager associated with the centre: I am writing to all people in the Active Leisure Club to many thanks for your custom within the year that is last. You want to make the facilities better still this year! Please send a short report to us, telling us what you think will be the best and worst facets of the club. We also want to hear your recommendations for new facilities. Introduction: The aim of this report will be summarize the greatest and worst areas of the club. Gd The report is founded on the sample WW of my family members who have been utilizing the club’s facilities. Best Aspects: The variety WF facilities are cheap and convenient to make use of. The changing rooms regarding the pool that is swimming are extremely clean. The comsumption of the cafй is inexpensive.PE The gym’s equipment is good. The employees service is quite good. Worst Aspects: The facilities try not to open on Saturday and Sunday evenings, which we think is truly inconvenient. The badminton courts are not available. The only cafй is not enough because it’s also employed by public customers as there is no other restaurants. PE Recommendations: To conclude, the facilities are well-organized but there are a few suggestions from us: extend the opening hours on evenings weekend. Install badminton courts as increasing numbers of people use up WT the sport. Install some restaurants when it comes to addition of WF customers and some drinks machines might be necessary as well by the right time of closures regarding the cafй or restaurants. PE

  • FILM REVIEW: 4 paragraphs 1. INTRODUCTION – Title for the movie, movie facts, basic info, movie genre, actors, director, year, setting. 2. BRIEF OUTLINE OF THE PLOT – Describe it in Simple Present (But DON’T say the ending) 3. REASONS WHY YOU LIKED IT or Didn’t like it 4. OVERALL OPINION for the ilm & RECOMMENDATION to view it or perhaps not to view it (I definitely RECOMMEND ONE TO see it).
  • BOOK REVIEW: 4 paragraphs 1. INTRODUCTION – Title associated with book, book facts, basic info, book genre, characters, writer, year, setting. 2. BRIEF OUTLINE OF THE PLOT – Describe it in Simple Present or Simple past (But DON’T say the ending) 3. FACTORS WHY YOU LIKED IT or Didn’t like it 4. OVERALL OPINION associated with the writte book & RECOMMENDATION to see it or perhaps not to see it (I definitely RECOMMEND ONE TO read it).
  • Say which of the can be used in a film review A. Recommend the movie B. Describe what the film seems like C. Movie genre and director D. Film plot E. Say why you liked it F. Describe the acting/ actors G. Your opinion that is general of H. Special effects and music
  • ? language that is useful. INTRODUCTION: The (film, book…etc) I wish to review is….. The final Film I saw book that is read was… 2. EXPLAIN: It’s set in…… The story is dependent on (a book..) It’s about….. The main theme regarding the film is….. 3. OPINION & RECOMMENDATION: It’s one of many best films/books I’ve ever seen/read. – i would suggest this film to anyone. – it, I would not recommend it for… although I enjoyed. – Although I am not a fan of (comedies/musicals…), I am glad that I decided to go. A review should… • use interesting vocabulary and stay clearly organized. • make an effort to catch the reader’s interest or have a certain audience (viewers/readers) and also have a neutral style. • say what it is about, but not in too much detail and make sure to mention important or memorable characters, but DON`T spend too much time just describing them. • Remember to link ideas clearly and provide your opinion at the end.
  • BIG FISH “Big Fish” is a rather emotional film about the connection of a father along with his son. It combines comedy, fantasy and emotions in a background that is typical by Tim Burton. The film stars Ewan McGregor as Edward Bloom, that is the visit the web site main character. The cast is not very well known, but Ewan McGregor plays a very performance that is good. The film is set when Edward Bloom is old and sick, and he will probably die. He’s got not talk with his son for many years. His son hates his fatherґs tales about his live, because he thinks which he lies, because they’re so fantastic. So during the film you choose to go back into days gone by, living the incredible Edwardґs experiences of his live, and you return to the current to feel how the relationship between the paternalfather plus the son evolves. You can find not stunning special effects or frenetic action, but the script is amazing plus the end is likely to make you cry. I would recommend the movie to anybody who likes Burtonґs films and who wants to feel his kind side, and in addition who likes tales that are fantastic.
  • TED ‘Ted’ is among the most comedy that is entertaining We have seen. It combines jokes with action, and stars Mark Wahlberg as John, Mila Kunis as Lori and also the director of this film, Seth MacFarlane when you look at the role of Ted. Ted was filmed last year also it made 549 million dollars in revenue. The film is scheduled in Boston, where John, a young child without friends, asks for Christmas that a teddy (Ted) could have life and that can be his friend that is best. John grows and also the film centers on the relation between John, his girlfriend Lori, along with his friend that is best Ted, that is a negative influence for John according to Lori. The movie features a performance that is surprisingly competent Ted, causing you to laugh constantly. When it comes to visual elements, you will find any special effects in general, while the script is certainly not stunning. You could imagine the next scene sometimes. I recommend the film to anybody who really wants to have a time that is great. You will not feel disappointed if you do not wish a different or complicated plot.
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